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There is always so much going on in and around The Post House that we decided to write a blog!

Little Town of Festivals

Community groups and organisations in Kingussie have got together to provide an amazing year round calendar of festivals that is quite unique for such a small town. This means there will be a festival happening here any month you choose to come! From shinty to films,...

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Developing The Post House

In 1995 the Kingussie Post Office was closed down and a new one was opened on the High Street. This building came on the market just as we had moved to the area and were looking for a property to develop into a house for our family. There was no planning permission to...

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A brief history of Kingussie

Prior to the 18th Century the land which is now Kingussie lay at the head of an immense pine forest, hence the name Kingussie (pronounced King-you-sea derived from the Gaelic Ceann á Ghuibhsaich which means the head of the pine wood). During the last 200 years the...

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