In 1995 the Kingussie Post Office was closed down and a new one was opened on the High Street. This building came on the market just as we had moved to the area and were looking for a property to develop into a house for our family. There was no planning permission to convert it into housing, and we couldn’t apply for it until we’d bought the property, so although we loved the idea of it, we were in a quandary!

In early 1996 we decided to take the plunge and buy the place, hoping we’d get the planning permission. Thankfully it all went through and we were able to get on and start the development – trying to keep as much of the original layout as we could and preserving lots of features as well. The main change we made was to construct a split level floor over half of the enormous 40 foot sorting office, making a sixth bedroom upstairs, and a cosy sitting area with a huge fireplace.

After many years as a family home and the scene of some great gatherings, The Post House has now entered a third phase as a self-catering house – an ideal place for large groups, two families sharing or extended families.